Attend a lecture each lunchtime

12:30 -13:30

Hear experts as they share their quilting journeys and abilities, in person, along with illuminating visuals.

R100 per lecture

Lectures  will be held in the Acacia Hall, Lower College Block


L1    Saturday 17 August       Angela Walters     Quilting is my Therapy.
L2    Sunday 18 August         Sue Spargo           My Quilts as Travel Journals
L3    Monday 19 August         Anita Grossman Solomon   My Make It Simpler Notebook
L4    Tuesday 20 August        Jacquie Gering     Quilting Modern: Honouring Tradition
L5    Wednesday 21 August    Marié du Toit       Nothing Great is Easy
L6    Thursday 22 August       Dorothy Tucker    Kantha: The Art of the Embroidered Quilt
L7    Friday 23 August            Lyric Kinard         Living Lyrically


Marie du Toit

Marié du Toit. Nothing Great is Easy

Hear how training for a Robben Island crossing taught Marié to get more quilts done. A motivational talk for quilters to become physically active and make more quilts.
Planning quilts and making quilts are two different things – learn how to turn your best plans into successful action.
L5 Wednesday 21 August

Jacquie Gering
Jacquie Gering

Jacquie Gering. Quilting Modern – Honouring Tradition

Jacquie shares her journey from being a maker to becoming a quilter, and now a modern quilter, designer and author. Jacquie tells about her Mennonite roots; how her family inspires and influences her work and shows through her quilts; and how she has developed her unique voice in modern quilting.
Learn what makes a quilt modern, from one of the leaders of the modern quilting movement.
                                  L4 Tuesday 20 August

Lyric Kinard

Lyric Kinard. Living Lyrically

Take a light-hearted journey with Lyric along her circuitous and unexpected path towards life as a quilt artist.
Laugh along as she juggles fabric and family and deals with both duties and dreams. Learn that where you are is the best place to Be Inspired and Create Beauty, and right now is the time for you to Find Joy.
L7 Friday 23 August

Anita Grossman Solomon

Anita Grossman Solomon. Pages from my‘Make It Simpler’ Notebook

Anita’s mind works in unusual ways when it comes to quilting. She is known for her “How did you think of that?” methods making quilting simpler. In this presentation she’ll quickly share techniques and innovations she is known for and how she arrived at them.        You’ll leave with a smile and a head full of ideas to make your piecing even more enjoyable.
                                  L3 Monday19 August

Sue Spargo

Sue Spargo. My Quilts as Travel Journals

My quilts are inspired by life’s experiences, drawn from the culture, flora and fauna of the many countries in which I have lived or been privileged to visit. Travel with me through Africa and England, the United States, Italy, France, Vietnam, Australia and New Zealand,
as I ‘stitch for you with words’… the story of my work.
L2 Sunday 18 August

Dorothy Tucker
Dorothy Tucker

Dorothy Tucker. Kantha: The Art of the Embroidered Quilt

Kantha is a Bangladeshi word for cloth. It is also the name given to a form of stitching which is used to make beautiful embroidered quilts from the good parts of old worn out saris.
Dorothy will trace her journey from discovering Kantha in India, to studying examples in collections, and then on to how this intriguing art form informs contemporary textiles.
L6 Thursday22 August

Angela Walters

Angela Walters Quilting is my Therapy

Angela is one of today’s most in-demand modern machine quilters, but did you know that she learned to quilt from her husband’s grandfather? Grandpa Ford took her through every step of making her own nine-patch quilt and there was no denying that Angela was bitten by the quilting bug.
Like many modern quilters, Angela started out as a traditionalist, but as her career as a machine quilter grew, so did her love of                                           modern quilts in all their forms. In this informal lecture, Angela will                                   share the story of how she turned a new hobby into a thriving                                           machine quilting business.
                                  L1 Saturday 17 August