Rules for entering

RULES for Entering the South African National Quilt Competition                                                                        

Revised 2017


  • All entries must be made predominantly from cloth, consist of at least three (3) layers and be quilted through all layers, with the exception of alternate traditional methods entered into the Open category (e.g. Crazy Patchwork, Cathedral Window, Mola).
  • All entries must be in pristine condition (no dirt, stains, animal hair or odours).
  • Each quilt must be designed, constructed and quilted by only one person, with the exception of quilts entered into the Collaborative, Group and Community (if included) categories.
  • All entries must be solely the work of those stated as the Maker(s) on the Entry Form.
  • An entrant can pay someone for having done work on their entry only in the Collaborative and/or Group categories. The person who is paid is considered to be one of the entrants. The name(s) of the paid entrant/quilter and the type of work done e.g. design, piecing, quilting, embellishing or finishing, must be stated on the entry form.
  • **A maximum of four (4) entries are allowed per person, excluding speciality exhibitions which will not be judged. ** Thus, a participating quilter can enter no more than four (4) quilts into the competition, whether you enter as an individual in the Bed, Wall, Open and/or any other individual optional categories, or as a participant of a category that includes Collaborative Quilts, Group Quilts or Community Quilts. Those who have been paid to work on a quilt are also considered an entrant on the quilt and therefore the rule of a maximum of four (4) entries also applies to these persons.

** 4 entries covers all categories including Challenge 1: Threads Connect.
Challenge 2: Interchange is a specialty category and not included in the 4.
You may enter as many quilts as you please for Challenge 2, in addition to the 4 above.

  • All forms of free-motion machine-quilted quilts with no computer assisted elements can be entered in any category, whether long-arm, medium-arm or domestic sewing machines. The BSR is not considered a computer assisted device and can be used.
  • Quilts using computer-digitized quilting and/or embroidery patterns can only be entered in the Open category.
  • If the stated design source of a quilt is another quilt, or artwork or other published image, comprehensive design credits must be given and the quilt entry must be accompanied by an A4 photo or colour photocopy of the design source. These are to be placed in a clear plastic sleeve and pinned to the back of the quilt.  Include a letter of permission/proof, as far as possible.
  • Quilts previously entered into a South African National Quilt Competition are excluded from entering again.
  • No quilt may be entered into more than one category.
  • The category choice is the sole responsibility of the entrant.
  • Master Quilters must enter their work in the ‘Master Category’ section in the Bed and Wall Quilt categories.
  • Quilts with heavy embellishments, rigid frames, special mounting or installations are not allowed.
  • All quilts must be able to be hung from a 10cm deep sleeve, sewn to the top back of the quilt, 2cm short of either side, unless otherwise stated in a specific category.
  • All quilts must have a cloth label securely sewn to the back of the quilt, placed on the lower left-hand corner (viewed from the back). This label must contain the unique Quilt Entry Code, Quilt Title, Quilt-maker’s Name(s), Address and Contact Details and Date (or Year) the quilt was made.  All this information, except for the Quilt Entry Code and Quilt Title, is to be covered by a piece of dark cloth, tacked onto the label. Should the quilter’s name appear in any way or form on the front of the quilt, this also needs to be covered.
  • Quilts must be measured horizontally across the widest part of the quilt, and the measured length of the quilt must include any elements hanging from the quilt.
  • Although the greatest care will be taken with all entries, the quilts are exhibited entirely at the risk of the owner. Entrants are responsible for arranging their own insurance.
  • The judges’ decision is final and NO queries or correspondence pertaining to the judging will be considered.
  • Consent for a quilt to travel on the next SAQG Travelling Exhibition, should it be chosen, may be given by filling in the appropriate tick box on the entry form.
  • The South African National Quilt Festival committee reserves the right to photograph any work for publicity purposes, acknowledging the quilt-maker(s).
  • The organizers reserve the right to reject any quilt that they feel is inappropriate, offensive or of a standard unacceptable to be exhibited at a South African National Quilt Competition.
  • The entry fee(s) for competition quilts are non-refundable.
  • Restriction from entering a South African National Quilt Competition:        Jurors, Judges and the SAQG Judging Representative are not allowed to enter a quilt into the competition in which they are officiating.  The Competition Organizer, Quilt Registrar and Judging Organizer are not allowed to enter quilts as individuals, but may enter as a participant in a Group Quilt.   They must declare their involvement at the beginning of the jurying and judging and must recuse themselves when jurying or judging of this category is being done.