Quilts from Mexico

Special exhibition: Quilts from Mexico

For the first time in South Africa, we will see quilts from Mexico!

Mexican quilters live in a colourful, diverse and magical country. They have a rich textile tradition from which to draw inspiration.

At their EXPO PATCHWORK & QUILT each year they run a quilt contest and we will see a selection of these quilts. The theme for 2019 is MI CASA, TU CASA: Mexican hospitality. The contests are aimed at fostering pride in Mexico through patchwork & quilt art, and have had topics such as Mexican flora & fauna, Mayan culture, Traditional holidays and Sayings & proverbs.
They will also bring Magical Towns, a group quilt that took 75 quilters from all over the country 10 months to make. Each of the 111 blocks represents a magical town. The result is a quilt almost 3 m square, using techniques and materials that are as varied as the participants themselves.
We will be seeing a similar quilt from Switzerland, made by the Berne quilt guild, which was the inspiration for the Mexican one.


Brought to us by the Quilters de México guild.


Quilters de México are a guild of enthusiasts who are passionate about patchwork and quilting with no other purpose than to make Mexican creative expression grow and excel through quilts. We are enthusiastic about international quilt exchanges that show off Mexican talent around the world and help open up the horizons of quilters in Mexico.