Workshop Information

19th South African National Quilt Festival
Presented By
Dias Quilters' Guild
Port Elizabeth
3 - 8 July 2017

Workshop Information


A compulsory kit is prescribed for some workshops. The price of the kit is included in the Total Cost of the workshop.

Plug Points:

All classrooms will be fitted with standard 3 pin plugs. It is essential that you bring all your sewing machine attachments, including any 2 pin adaptors that you require for your equipment. Two pin adaptors will not be provided at the Festival.

Workshop Etiquette:

  • Be punctual as a courtesy to Teacher and fellow students. 
  • Cell phones to be switched OFF during tuition/lecture sessions.
  • If you want to deviate from the class project as described in the class catalogue, do not expect the Teacher to take time from the rest of the students to teach you something different. Remember that the other students have paid the same fee for their time and attention as you have.
  • If you realize the class is not what you expected, remain in class and give it a fair chance. You might learn something you did not expect to learn. It is considered bad form to challenge Teachers during tuition.
  • Do not take photographs without consent. It is common courtesy to ask permission from the Teacher before photographing samples of their (or other students) work.
  • Do not lurk in open doors of classes you are not registered to take. It is distracting to the class and Teachers.
  • Ensure that you have the specified workshop requirements as listed. Borrowing slows down your progress and that of the fellow student from whom you borrowed.

Basic Sewing Supplies:

  • Notebook, pen/pencil, eraser
  • Scissors: fabric, paper
  • Straight pins & pincushion
  • Needles: Universal 80/90 machine needles, needles for hand sewing, thimble
  • Un-picker
  • Tape measure, ruler

Bernina Sewing Machines:

Bernina will supply machines in certain classrooms for use by delegates who cannot bring their own machines to the festival. Once a ticket has been bought for such a workshop, a machine can be booked through Computicket at R110 per workshop. Please check the programme carefully to see which workshops will have access to these machines. All domestic and long/mid arm Bernina machines used in the classrooms will be sold as demo models at the end of the festival. See promotion pamphlets in the tote bags or ask for more details at the Bernina Stall in the Vendors Mall.

Irons & Ironing Boards:

Sufficient additional electricity is being installed at the venue to meet all the electrical needs. Every classroom will be set up with four irons and four ironing boards. The use of personal irons will NOT be allowed in the classrooms as it will put the electrical supply of the festival under pressure! We request that everybody oblige and comply with this.


Any unauthorized irons found to be in use will be confiscated as additional electrical usage could ‘blow’ the system resulting in power surges which could seriously damage very expensive quilting and/or sewing machines.

Class Cancellation:

The Festival Committee reserves the right to cancel a workshop/lecture with low registration. Students who have registered for such a workshop/lecture, will be notified by the Festival Committee and given the option of registering for an alternative workshop/lecture. Alternatively all fees paid will be refunded.


  • Please note that all class notes, patterns and other printed matter associated with a specific workshop are the sole intellectual property of the teacher of such a workshop.
  • No printed material distributed in a workshop may be copied or shared without the written permission of the teacher.
  • Original class content is also the intellectual property of the teacher.
  • Anyone wishing to teach a similar course, based on this original content, must get the express written permission of the original teacher.

About Papers and Adhesives

Applique paper – a fusible web which is a double-sided adhesive that has a paper backing. Brands such as Wonder Under and Steam-a-Seam are available at quilt shops. A light weight type which is 90cm wide is also available.

Freezer paper – the one side is paper and the other has a light coating of a plastic which melts like wax when you iron it, temporarily attaching it to the fabric. Available from quilt shops.

Baking paper – available as Glad Baking Paper from your local supermarket. Is used to line baking trays and when ironing fusible materials, is perfect to keep the iron clean.

Stabilizers such as Stitch n Tear, Tearaway or Wash-away – are materials used in sewing to hold the fabric flat and firm when intense stitching or embroidery is done. It is usually removed after stitching is finished. Ideal for machine embroidery.

Adhesive Spray – a temporary aerosol adhesive spray such as 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray or the Madeira brand used to sandwich layers together. Make sure that product is acid free which will not damage textiles.

Choose the correct Sewing Machine Needles for your projects!

The choice of needle for a specific project has a significant influence on the stitching process and the quality of the finished project.

Universal – The slightly rounded point ensures trouble free sewing of most types of materials including synthetics.

Quilting – The very slim, slightly rounded point easily penetrates thick layers without damaging the material. Ideal for quilting and patchwork

Jeans – The reinforced blade causes less deflection of the needle and reduces the risk of needle breakage and skipped stitches.The slim, acute point precisely penetrates thick and solid fabrics such as denim (jeans), artificial leather, waxed cloth, film and similarly densely woven materials.  Good choice for quilting through highly textured surfaces.

Microtex – The slim, acute point is ideal for precise piercing of very fine or densely woven materials. Recommended for silk, microfiber fabrics, coated and film materials

Metafil or Metallic – For sewing with special effects and fancy threads, especially metallic threads

Cordonnet or Topstitch - The very long eye is ideal for decorative stitching and topstitching with multiple or heavy weight threads.  Also for when experiencing skipped stitches in embroidery

Embroidery – The light ball point, wide eye and groove accommodates voluminous and woollen threads

Leather – The sharp cutting point penetrates leather or artificial leather easily but not suitable for use on textiles

For more information on sewing machine needles, see

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