Siyadala Quilt Festival

19th South African National Quilt Festival
Presented By
Dias Quilters' Guild
Port Elizabeth
3 - 8 July 2017

Description of Theme Challenge

Create a skinny quilt using both the badges of Siyadala – We Create and Dias Quilters' Guild as inspiration using the following elements as design source:

  1. The elephant or the aloe or a combination of the two as portrayed in the logo of Siyadala – We Create.
  2. Incorporate elements of the star block pattern which is also the Dias Quilters' Guild logo.

Feel free to explore these three elements or parts thereof in an abstract, stylistic or realistic design! Think creatively e.g. the block pattern of the Dias logo can be distorted, elongated, sliced, or sections of it can be used e.g. half square triangles! Surface design, 3-D elements and appropriate embellishments will be allowed. There will be no restrictions on materials or techniques used as long as the Rules are complied with.

Orientation: Finished quilt can be vertical or horizontal.
Style: Create a personal interpretation in any of the regular quilting styles normally seen at the National Quilt Festivals.
Size: The short side of the finished quilt must not be shorter than 30 cm and not be longer than 40cm.
The long side must be at least three times the length of the short side but not longer than 3 ½ times the length of the short side.

Note: A skinny quilt is a long narrow quilt which can also be used as a runner.


Challenge Info

Challenge Information and Rules:

  • No fabric is prescribed for this challenge - participants are free to use fabric of their own choice and there is no limitation on the amount of different fabrics used.
  • All entries must be original designs i.e. participants must design their own quilts! No replicas or quilts made from kits may be entered. Quilts made in workshops are not eligible.
  • Quilts will be judged as to the relevance to the theme as well as general quilting criteria. Decisions made by the judges will be final.
  • Each quilt is to be completed entirely by one individual.
  • Comprehensive design credits and inspirations must be given, please supply an A4 photograph or photocopy of inspiration source.
  • Entries must consist of three (3) layers and quilted through all layers.
  • No restrictions on edge treatment as long as it is appropriate to the piece and complies with the general competition rules.
  • Please keep in mind that all hanging elements to the length of the piece adds to the final measurement of the length.
  • Quilts previously entered in South African National Quilt Competitions may not be entered.
  • Quilts should be easy to handle. No heavy embellishments, no rigid frames, mountings or special devices of any kind will be allowed.
  • The standard Entry Form for the 2017 National Quilt Competition to be used for the Siyadala – We Create Theme Challenge.
  • The standard Entry Fee for the 2017 National Quilt Competition applies for Siyadala – We Create Theme Challenge.
  • Entry forms to be submitted online by 31 March 2017 – see Entry Form

Have fun!

Joy Williams
Quilt Registrar
Cell: 082 372 4828

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