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Booking for Accommodation opens on 8 April 2019

Accommodation is available for eight days:
13h00 on Friday, 16 August until 10h00 on Saturday, 24 August 2019

We offer single person and group bookings.
We offer you bed and breakfast and the option to book dinners

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Bookings for the FULL WEEK, Friday 16 August to Friday 23 August.

Booking for SINGLE DAYS opens on Tuesday 16 April, should there be beds still unsold.

Note for the booking site:  the mandatory bed linen fee will automatically be added to your bill when you proceed to Checkout for payment.

Ask for assistance from the TIXSA Service Desk:
PHONE: 087 087 7464 OR EMAIL:
Read about booking details HERE


We can offer you accommodation at Heronbridge Retreat, situated adjacent to Heronbridge College in the same grounds and in close, walking proximity to the various Festival exhibitions, classrooms, shopping malls and lecture venues.

Sleeping facilities are in a cluster of five dormitory blocks on two floors. Access is by staircase only, no lifts. We have accommodation for up to 180 people in semi-partitioned dormitories. Each building has two central communal bathrooms and a cozy lounge with coffee and tea on tap. Bedding is supplied but you need to bring your own towel.
Please remember and respect that Heronbridge is an ALCOHOL FREE ZONE.

Tariffs are for bed and breakfast per person, in a hostel dormitory set-up.
Dinner is booked and paid for separately, if required. No dinners will be available on the evenings of official functions: we encourage you to attend the Welcome, Awards, and Farewell events. You can see these Function details HERE

At lunchtime it’s pay-as-you-go: you choose your meal from the mobile kiosks and tea garden that will be open to everyone at Festival each day.

TARIFFS                             FULL WEEK, Friday 16 August to Friday 23 August   
BEDS                  Prices INCLUDE mandatory bed linen deposit of R150        
Dormitory Double bunk -Upper bunks R2070
Dormitory Double bunk- Lower bunks R2230
Private cubicle Double bunk- Upper bunk R2230
Private cubicle Double bunk- Lower Bunk  R2550
Private cubicle  2 single beds – per bed R2950
Dormitory Single beds R2950
Private cubicle Single bed R3350
DINNER  Available  Sunday-Thursday only                                       R120


TARIFFS                             PER DAY                                                                       
Available for single days:  from Friday 16 August to Friday 23 August 
Dormitory Double bunk -Upper bunks R240
Dormitory Double bunk- Lower bunks R260
Private cubicle Double bunk- Upper bunk R260
Private cubicle Double bunk- Lower Bunk R300
Private cubicle  2 single beds – per bed SOLD OUT
Dormitory Single beds SOLD OUT
Private cubicle Single bed SOLD OUT
Bed linen deposit: Mandatory ONCE OFF R150
Dinner:                  Available Sunday-Thursday only R120


HeronBridge Retreat is situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, bordering on Pretoria.


Number of passengers

 Source 1 – 4 4 – 13 14 -22 65 Seater
O R Tambo Airport R 700.00 R 1,450.00 R 1,600.00 R 3,400.00
Lanseria Airport R 300.00 R 450.00 R 800.00 R 2,500.00
JHB Park Station R 550.00 R 980.00 R 1,400.00 R 3,000.00
Pretoria Station R 480.00 R 1000.00 R 1,350.00 R 3,000.00

You will be able to specify your needs on the booking site and we will put you in contact with the transport company.

B&B accommodation

There are many Bed and Breakfast establishments in close proximity to Heronbridge.
Please make your own arrangements should you prefer this option.